King Milling Products

Flour Products
The King Milling Company produces a broad range of quality wheat based
products from our flour and whole-wheat mills.

White Flour Products
The King Milling Company mills both soft white and soft red, as well as hard
red winter and spring wheat flours, and blends of each, for a wide variety
of baking needs.  Please give us a call and we can discuss which flour is best
suited for your needs.

Whole Wheat Products
All whole-wheat products are electronically sorted after normal cleaning to
take the wheat to an irreducible minimum amount of foreign material.  This
makes our products second to none in cleanliness and wholesomeness.  The
hard or soft wheat grains can then be either shipped in the whole-wheat
stage, such as our Super Kleaned Wheat TM or ground into different stages of
fineness.  In all cases holding on to its 100% whole-wheat label.

Ceres® Products
We can supply white flour, whole-wheat flour, whole wheat and bran that have
been naturally treated through our Ceres process.  Enzymes in the grain have
been deactivated thereby adding shelf life to your finished products.  In the
process the proteins have been denatured, which causes the gluten forming
ability to be severely retarded.  In many cases the flour can be used in
place of a higher priced starch.  Under certain conditions this flour can be
used as a fat substitute in some baked products.

We ship by bulk tank truck, super sacks, 50 or 25 pound paper bags. 
We are able to deliver but will only deliver full truck loads.  Orders less than
40,000 lbs are to be picked up at the mill with payment at time of pick up.
Minimum order quantity per product is 2,500 pounds.

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